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Montana Geocachers

Image by: Montana Office of Tourism

GeocachingFrom the Mountains to the Prairies

Geocaching in Montana is unlike anywhere else you may have ever been.  

At times you'll be able to hike along the mountain ridges of the Continental Divide, while at others you may be wading across some of the best fly-fishing rivers in North America. You may find yourself trekking through an ancient pine covered forest in the morning and across a seemingly endless expanse of grassland by afternoon. ​

It is rare to meet another geocacher along the trail in Montana; in fact, you often don't see anyone at all - except for an occasional Forest Ranger or cowboy. You are more likely to come across a grizzly bear, wolf or eagle than another human, and there is no better place to enjoy this type of geocaching. 

With over 145,550 square miles to explore, 11,000 vertical feet to climb, and 56 State Parks, there is sure to be geocaching opportunity to suit everyone's taste.​

Montanans are accoustomed to travelling long distances; we measure distance in terms of "hours" rather than by miles. Yet, the vast distances between us do not hinder our ability to come together as a community and share in the joys and accomplishments of geocaching.

The limits of geocaching in Montana are only set by what you are willing to explore.

​I invite everyone to sit, explore and enjoy this website. I hope that it provides a good glimpse of what it is like to geocache throughout the Big Sky state of Montana.